Temporary Puppy Certificate

The International Designer Canine Registry (IDCR) offers high quality printed puppy birth certificates for each puppy in the litter to our customers for just one low cost for the entire litter.

The  “Temporary Puppy Certificates” give valuable important information such as the puppies Sire and Dam, their new registered names and their IDCR registration numbers.  Each “Temporary Puppy Certificate” also provides each pup’s sex, color, date of birth and list the registered owner of the litter.

To receive your “Temporary Puppy Certificates” / litter papers, the owner of the litter must have both parents IDCR registered and can do so by CLICKING HERE, then completing a IDCR Litter Application Form. 

The IDCR also offers breeders the quick and easy option of registering their litters of puppies online by CLICKING HERE or by completing the IDCR Litter Application Form and either faxing or mailing the application to the International Designer Canine Registry registration office.

Please feel free to call of office or email the IDCR and our staff will be happy to assist you and answer any questions. 

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