The International Designer Canine Registry  (IDCR) offers breeders the option to protect the exclusive use and rights of their kennel’s name in the naming of IDCR registered dogs via our IDCR Kennel Name Program. 

Kennel names of distinguished and notable breeders historically were recognized as early as the late 1800’s by notable registries and kennel clubs. 

When a kennel name is registered, the International Designer Canine Registry  (IDCR) will exercise reasonable care in protecting the name for the exclusive use with the IDCR for registration purposes within the state of the individual (s) to whom it has been registered. 

A IDCR registered kennel name is protected in all positions of a IDCR registered dog’s name. 

For example, if the kennel name “Willow Creek Cockapoos” was a International Designer Canine Registry  (IDCR) registered kennel name, then the name could not appear anywhere in the name of a dog without the written permission of the IDCR registered owner of that particular kennel name. 

Further, a dog or litter cannot be registered with the use of a kennel name as its owner of part of its registered name unless the kennel name has been registered prior with the International Designer Canine Registry  (IDCR).