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Why register your Designer Dogs

  The IDCR provides fully certified registration papers, pedigrees and benefits to all Designer / Hybrid dogs.  The IDCR provides these services through out the United States, Canada and many countries abroad, including Germany, Japan and Mexico. 

A great deal of IDCR customers have stated that it has been beneficial and important to them to be able to register their designer breeds with the IDCR as a means of recording and documenting the ancestry and lineage of the dogs used in their breeding program.  

Many breeders of designer breeds use only the very best foundation dogs available in their breeding programs and often these foundation dogs have outstanding and dignified pedigrees including dogs that have earned prestigious titles including conformation champions, obedience and or agility titles. 

IDCR registration offers breeders of designer dogs the opportunity to record their dogs historically important ancestry and share that valued history and information with the new owners of their designer puppies. 

Registration with the IDCR shows the pride breeders take in their breeding program and adds validity to the statement that designer dogs are much more than just a "mixed breed"  breeding but rather that a great deal of thought, time, care and expense is often put into a breeding program focusing on designer breeds. 






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