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IDCR Sample Registration Certificates

All IDCR registered dogs receive this certificate.

IDCR Registration Certificate - This is a International Designer Canine Registry Registration Certificate.  This 8 X 11.5 inch certificate is issued by the IDCR once / after the "Temporary Puppy Certificate" is sent to the IDCR with the buyers information such as new owner's name, address, designer puppy's registered name, etc.  At that time the designer pup is issued a IDCR permanent registration number.    



Each puppy in a IDCR registered litter is issued a certificate like this one that is then given to the new owner when the pup is placed in its new home.

Temporary Puppy Certificate - This is the type of certificate issued when a litter is registered via the International Designer Canine Registry. 

Each designer puppy in the litter will receive a 5.5 X 8.5 inch "Temporary Puppy Certificate" that the litter owner (breeder) will sign off ownership and give to the new owner (buyer), so that they may then give the designer pup a registered name, permanently register the pup and transfer ownership into their name via the IDCR.

All instructions needed to properly fill out this certificate is on the back of the certificate.  At this time the new designer / hybrid puppy owner may select several options on the back of the certificate such as photo certificates, purchase pedigrees, Pet I.D. card, etc.





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