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About the IDCR
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mission statment


 To be consistently recognized in the canine community as a professional organization that manages a vibrant, progressive, dependable andMaltipoos responsible designer breed specific registry. 

 To maintain a registry exclusively for designer / hybrid dogs and preserve the integrity of the International Designer Canine Registry's genetic database.

 To be clearly recognized and respected by the canine community as an organization that truly cares about the advancement and betterment of all canines.


  The International Designer Canine Registry ® (IDCR), is the World’s Premier Designer Dog Registry that is dedicated exclusively to providing registration and pedigree services for all Designer Breeds.  

The International Designer Canine Registry
was established to grant designer canines, their breeders and owners the same registration privileges that purebred canines benefit from. 

The IDCR offers breeders and owners of designer breeds the opportunity to document and record ownership, parentage and ancestry of their designer canines and in so doing record their name and their dog's place in breed history.

The IDCR registration department’s well-trained experienced staff is dedicated to providing our clients with superior customer service in a professional friendly manner while maintaining an emphasis on accuracy, promptness, reliability and quality service. 

Our one on one customer service and promptness are two areas in which the IDCR staff takes great pride and just two of the important features that we believe set the IDCR apart from other registration companies.  maltipoo

The parent company of the IDCR has provided reliable professional registration services to thousands of breeding kennels and pet owners in the United States, Canada and through out the world since 1995. 

Today the IDCR is one of the fastest growing canine registries worldwide.  We believe that our great growth is based partially on the fact that the founders and owners of the International Designer Canine Registry are not only experienced business owners, but have a long history in the pet industry and over 22 years as dog breeders / trainers / exhibitors and conformational show judges.

The International Designer Canine Registry places great value on its customers and we will reflect that with quality customer support and personal assistance with all of your registration needs. 

The IDCR is a Christian owned organization and we would greatly appreciate the opportunity to earn your business.  


  Elegant registration certificates for your designer canines. 
  IDCR certified litter registrations for your puppies.
  IDCR certified pedigrees suitable for framing.
  Proof of ownership via certified registration. 
  Record your dog’s important genetic history and lineage. 
  The IDCR is dedicated to providing quality, reliable and speedy service.





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